Why is there a "XXXXX-backup" device in my device list?

  • I don't know how it is created and how to remove/use it.

  • Cozyla Staff
    Cozyla Staff

    The "XXXXX-backup" entry you're seeing is a virtual device created by our system to preserve data. This typically occurs when data from one device (Device A) is transferred to another (Device B), and then Device B is reset without prior deletion of its cloud data. The system safeguards this data by creating a backup.

    If you wish to access this data, you can restore it at any time. Should you find the backup unnecessary, you can remove it by navigating to the "Settings" of the backup device and selecting "Remove device" in the top right corner. This action will delete the backup data permanently.

    Remove device

    Please let us know if you require further assistance or have any other questions.

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