Unable to Shuffle in Album- Disabling Descriptions Only Works for One Photo

  • For at least the last few days I've noticed the picture frame has started to have an issue where I cannot select the shuffle feature from the frame itself while playing. It appeared to be working when configured for at least a few slides or one rotation of the album. Now, the next day it's back to going in linear order again. In the past there was an icon on the frame itself that showed 2 lines and when you'd tap it, it would show 2 crossed lines indicating shuffle. That's no longer present. From in the app itself I've re-adjusted the settings available to enable shuffle in the app and noticed it's missing since setting that change. 

    Coincidentally, I've also noticed an issue with the image descriptions being unable to hide the date from the bottom of pictures. I can disable the album, then re-enable and they are still present. Likewise, I can manually turn them off in the app and they will dissapear for one image rotation, then show for the subsiquent image that's loaded. 

    This appears to be a bug, as I did not have this issue several weeks ago. (Normal behavior). The issue has occured since around the same timeframe as it started showing "Thanksgiving Album" option for reference.

    For ref: i'm using the 10.1 frame without Alexa

  • Happy to report the issue is resolved with new frame firmware 2023112710

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