Cozyla Smart Cloud Album goes on Amazon on November 1st
Grand Opening Sale 179.99$
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Unlimited Cloud Storage

Cozyla offers unlimited cloud storage for photo and video sharing. You can upload all precious moments in real-time and share them with your loved one without local storage concern. In addition, Cozyla stores all special moments for you in the cloud so you can keep them close to your heart. And share with invited friends or family members in My Cozyla App.

Upload & Share Anytime Anywhere

Cozyla Album manages photos & videos by channel. Anyone can email photos to the Album's address, and they will appear instantly in the shared album. Friends & family members could be invited as sub-account to create their own album by my Cozyla app for sharing. Cozyla Album users can enjoy different family members or friend’s photos or videos from different channels they created. You can also create Google photo & Instagram channels. Plus, you can even interact with friends and family through notifications and the "Like" button.

Remote Friendly Design and Caring

Understanding a lot of photo frames is the gift for remote users so that we keep remote friendly design & caring in mind. Gift mode lets people buy and pre-set devices for remote users, remote users just need plug and play without any out-of-box setting. Trackable reminders let people leave important reminders by text or voice remotely like medications. Remote users can check the reminder with feedback “Later, Exclude, Done” to the reminder initiator. Through Alexa “Ask My Buddy” skill, Cozyla Album will send out emergency alerts to predesignated contacts through a voice call, text message, and email.

Build-in Alexa Voice Service

With Amazon certified Alexa build-in voice service, Cozyla Album helps organize your day with reminders and alarms. Just ask Alexa for help around the home, play music, listen to news briefings, ask questions, check on traffic and weather, control your smart home devices and more. And because you can toggle the mute button and the Album doesn’t have a camera, your privacy is assured.

IPS LCD Ultrawide Touch Screen

Combined with touch controls and an ultra-wide HD screen, Cozyla is super user-friendly. Cozyla also resizes the photos to fit into the album so you can always enjoy picture-perfect memories.

Recycled Plastic Materials

Cozyla values the environment. Hence, we adopt recycled plastic materials for the outer frame, and the album consists of 12 recycled bottles. Let's work together to improve environmental sustainability!

Thoughtful details

Cozyla has a smart sensor that can automatically adjust the brightness. In addition, there is a sleep mode during the night.