Installation Related

Where should I put the device? 

The device supports both landscape and portrait modes with a stand.  You can easily stand it on the table based on the space and your preference. 

Can I use the device both in landscape and portrait mode?

Yes. The device supports both landscape and portrait modes. 

Hardware Related

What is the button on the device for?

There is a microphone mute button on the device. It will physically disable the microphone when you don't want the voice assistant to be activated. A red indicator light strip will also be shown if the microphone is muted. 

Does the device have internal battery?

No. There is no internal battery in the device.

How much power does the device consume?

The max power consumption will not exceed 18W.  We also will adjust the screen brightness automatically based on the environment light and user usage to save power consumption.  The sleep mode will also turn off the screen to save power during the sleep time. 

What is the size and weight of the device?

Dimension: 266.6*185.4*15.5mm (without stand)   Weight: 780g (without adaptor)

How to clean the device?

You can wipe the device with clean and dry cloth.

How could I found my SN (Serial Number) of the device?

There are several ways to get the SN number:
1. You can find it on the stick which is on the back of the device.
2. From MyCozyla App -> Click the Device -> Device setting on the top right corner -> About Device
3. From Cozyla Album device -> Swipe down from the top of the device screen -> Choose "Settings" -> About Device 

Network Related

Does the device always need to be connected to internet?

Yes. The device is suggested to always be connected to the internet. The setup process, voice assistant, and photo update need online services. A network problem will prompt you with a WLAN disconnection icon“” and Alexa-disabled red light strip at the bottom.

Why did the operation time out or fail?

Normally, it happens due to a network problem. It might be caused by a bad network connection, server problem, or old software version.  Here are some suggested steps to fix: 
1. Please check your local WLAN network to ensure it works
2. Please ensure the device is connected to the correct WLAN network (swipe down from the top of the device screen->Settings->WLAN)
3. Please update your device and My Cozyla app to the latest version
4. if the problem still cannot be solved, please send the question to us (My Cozyla app -> "" on the top right -> Contact us)

Why does it fail when I login to a WLAN with a web certification?

WLAN with a web certification has the limitation which cannot authorize another device access.  So Cozyla Album will not be granted to the access.  Please remove the WLAN's web certifcation or change it to WPA/WPA2/others if it is possbile. 

Google Photos suddenly shows "no available photos" after I correctly set up the channel for a while. How could I fix the problem?

It might because of the services or network errors. Normally you can log in again your Google Photos account in the device settings ("My Cozyla" app -> Select a device -> Device Settings at top right ->"Google Photos"account). And the problem should be fixed.
If there is still problem, please feel free to contact us via help@cozyla.com.

Why does it prompt "Password is Wrong" when I set up the device WIFI.? ((The new frame doesn't connect to the WiFi network)

The password error currently doesn't only stand for the wrong password. (We will optimize the prompt in the coming app release) 
Here are several reasons which might cause the error:
1. Typo of the password:
Please check the captive and other typo of the pasword
2. The WIFI is WEB Login.
WEB login is not supported. Please switch to a WPA or WPA2 login
3. Network timeout
Please put the device closer to the router. Another reason might be the firewall of the router. Please
If it still cannot be solved, please share your router's model name and sent to help@cozyla.com.

Function Related

Why is there a red indicator shown on the screen panel?

It means the mute button is pressed and microphone is physically muted.  You can turn if off to unmute by press the mute button again. 

Why is there a red line shown on the bottom of the screen?

It means the Alexa service is not available. 
If there is also a red dot indicator light shown on the panel, it means you disabled the microphone. To enable it, you can press the mute button again.  
If there is not a red dot indicator light, it means the microphone is on but Alexa service is not available, which will need Amazon to fix it. It is appreciate if you also submit the problem via My Cozyla App -> "" on the top right ->Contact US. 

Why sometimes I cannot login to my Alexa ID?

Please check your account name and password. 

Why sometimes Google ID requires authorization twice?

If you are using the Android device, Google will require you to authorize for both Phone app and device app. So you will need to authorize twice.

Can I setup the device without connecting to an Amazon account?

Yes. You can find the “skip" on the top right corner of Amazon setup page.

Photo Management

How to display photos onto the device?

You can download My Cozyla App to select the photo sources supported.  The device supports Google Photos, Instagram and local photos.  

How can I manage the photos showing on the device?

There are several different ways to manage photos. It depends on which photo sources you are using: 1. You can synchronize and manage photos to the dedicated album from  Google Photos, 2. You can also upload and manage photos from your Instagram account   3. Directly upload and manage local photos to the device through the My Cozyla app.

Are the apps required for viewing my photos? Google Photos? External USB? Any other online gallery apps?

To set up the device, you need to use the My Cozyla app. You can download it from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  A QR code quick link can be found here: https://www.cozyla.com/pages/support
Other applications, like Google Photos, Alexa, and Instagram, they are not mandatorily needed. But if they are used already, it will help you to log in with less steps.
We didn't support external USB storage as a cloud photo frame.

What are the sizes of pictures to best fit device in portrait and landscape modes?

Images with Full HD (1920x1200) or above  & Videos with HD or above resolution are suggested.  Vidoes length is suggested to be less than 1 minute (It will be croped if it is longer than 1 minute)

Does the device have an internal memory to store pictures?

Yes. As a cloud photo frame, the device mainly offers cloud storage and services.   The internal memory is still reserved for temporary local storage to ensure usage during network breakdown. But it will not store all photos and will be cleaned after you removed the device from your account.

Can I connect to an external USB device to view my pictures on the device?

No. It is not supported. 

Why is the device not displaying all my photos from my album?

There is one case the device cannot display all your photos: If there is a network problem, the device will only be able to show the cached photos. Please check your network can connect to the cloud photo service correctly. You can also report it through the My Cozyla app's "Contact US" function.

Can I edit a photo already on the device?

No. You need to use 3rd party photo editor application to edit the photo.  

How can I upload photos to the device?

There are several ways to upload photos:
1. For Google Photos / Instagram, you can upload to the selected album or account. It will automatically update to your device
2. For Local Photos / Shared Album, you can upload photos via My Cozyla App.  You can upload 30 photos / 10 videos each time. 
3. For Email upload, you can send an email with less than 40MB photos in the attachement.

Why I can not see all photos/videos of my phone when I upload local photos/videos?

Please check if you grant the access to visit all photos to My Cozyla app. For more help of your phone, please send your questions (a screen shot or a short video will be helpful) and model of your phone to help@cozyla.com. 

Can I send the same photos to several Cozyla Albums via email?

We currently cannot support multi-device addresses in a single email or CC & BCC. Please send directly to one device email with the photos you want to share. 

Can the frame be used with Google Photos?

Yes. After login with Google Photos, you can select the photos in your Google photos account to upload into Google Photos Album. Find out more here.

Sleep Mode Related

How to setup the device to sleep mode?

There are several ways you can set up the device: 
1. Swipe the screen down from the top. Choose "Turn off the screen"
2. Turn off the device via the My Cozyla App -> Device List page. -> Device Turn on/off button“
on the device card.
3. Setup the sleep mode time via My Cozyla App -> Select the Device -> Channels page ->       Device Setting at top right     -> Sleep Mode

Why doesn't the device  enter sleep mode according to my configured time in sleep mode settings?

Please check if you turn on the sleep mode under My Cozyla App -> Select the Device -> Channels page -> Device Setting at top right   -> Sleep Mode

How to wake up the device from sleep mode?

There are few ways to wake up the device from sleep mode:
1.When touching the screen
2.By asking Alexa
3.If a Memo remainder is triggered.

Bluetooth Related

How to enable Bluetooth function?

The Bluetooth function of the frame will auto turn on if the frame is not connected to a device or when removed from an account. After it is paired, it will be turned off during daily usage.

How to use the Bluetooth function?

Bluetooth is only used to quickly pair the device with your phone during the setup process. It will not be used to transfer photos or other data. The frame will enter Bluetooth pairing mode if turned on for the first time after purchase, or if not connected to a device, or when the frame is removed from an account. On your phone, turn on Bluetooth function, then go to the Cozyla app to search and pair with the frame. After successfully paired, the frame Bluetooth will be turned off during daily usage.

Voice Command Related

Does the device work with Google Assistant? 

No. This device currently only supports Amazon Alexa. 

Can the device be controlled using Google Home?


Does the device work with Amazon Alexa? Can I give voice commands to device through Alexa?

It is an Alexa Built-In device. It supports most of the Alexa commands. 

What are the commands I can use to interact with Alexa via the Cozyla Album?

You can use below services with Alexa:
1.Alexa Translation
2.Audio Services Supported: Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Deezer, Pandora, Audible, Kindle Books, iHeartRadio,
3.Smart Home control
4.Alexa Routine
5.Alexa Productivity: Calendar, Alarms, Lists, Do not Disturb, Flash Briefing, Reminders, Timers, News
More Alexa Services can be found in below link: https://alexa.amazon.com/spa/index.html#help/node/201952240 

Can Alexa on Cozyla Album support all Alexa commands and skills?

With Alexa Built-in certfication, Cozyla Album can support most of Alexa voice services including: Smart Home Control, Music (including Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Deezer, Pandora, Audible, Kindle Books, iHeartRadio), Alexa Productivity (Calendar, Alarms, Lists, Do not Disturb, Flash Briefing, Reminders, Timers, News), Routine and translation.
You can also enable new skills in Alexa app. Calling and Message of Alexa is not supported.

Why is there a yellow or red line at the bottom of the screen?

The bottom light on the screen indicates the status of the Alexa. When the light turns red, it means Alexa is not available now. This may happen in case of Alexa server problem; Mic is muted or your local network problem. Yellow light indicates there are messages or notifications in your Alexa inbox. You can use Alexa app to read them, the yellow indicator will then disappear.

How to change the time zone when I asked Alexa about time it says time in UTC format?

1. visit alexa.amazon.com and log in with your account.
2. Click "Settings" on the left list.
3. Choose your device with name defined like "XXX's [1st/2nd..] Cozyla Album/Smart Frame"
4. Change "Device Timezone" to needed.
Tips: 1. You can customize your device name , enable Device location, set Measurement Units under the same settings panel.
2. Please don't Click "deregister" unless you want to reset the device. It will remove the Alexa support on the device and you will have to reset the Cozyla Album to set it again. 

How to disable/enable Alexa on Cozyla Album?

There are several ways to disable/enable Alexa based on your preference:
1. During the setup process: Alexa can be skipped during the setup. You can find a "Skip" button on the top right corner.
2. You can enable/disable it at any time in the "Device settings".
3. Meanwhile, you can simply disable Mic with the Mute button on the frame of the device. It can also disable the Alexa from Hardware layer. 

Software Upgrade Related

How can I update the software on my device?

There are several ways you can update the device: 
1. Swipe down from the top of the device screen -> Choose "Settings" -> About Device -> Software update
2. Open "My Cozyla" app on the phone/tablet -> Choose the device from "Device List" page -> Choose "Device Settings"  on the top right -> "About Device" -> Firmware Update

What happens when the OTA software upgrade fails?

Your settings will not be impacted. If an upgrade failure occurs, try to update the device again. You may also send an email to help@cozyla.com for technical assistance.

Application Related

Why is the app not functioning normally on my iPad or Android tablet? (e.g. BLE/Bluetooth Connection Failed)

The OS version might be not compatible with our application. Here are the OS version we can support: 
1. iOS 13 or above 
2. Android 6 or above
Note: There might be a prompt "BLE Connection failed" during the setup on some specific Android models. Please change another phone model to setup. 

if you still have any question, please feel free to raise it via help@cozyla.com   

What are the system languages available for the application?

The Cozyla app currently only supports English language. You may also send an email to help@cozyla.com for technical assistance.

What photo cloud services can be supported?

We can support Google Photos and Instagram. You can also upload your local photos from your phone or tablet to your private Cozyla cloud storage via My Cozyla app.

What phone model or OS version can be supported by My Cozyla app?

Below is a list of compatible OS version:
1.Android 6 or above,
2.iOS 13 or above

How can stop the slideshow and  show current photo?

Touch the screen and there will be a Play/Pause button  
on the left side of screen. You can press it to stop the slide show. 

How to link my Amazon Alexa to the Cozyla App?

There are several ways to link your Amazon Alexa to My Cozyla App and Cozyla Album device:
1. During the setup of a device, you will be prompt to enter Amazon account to enable the Alexa. It will link the Amazon Alexa to Cozyla Album.
2. You can go to "My Cozyla" app -> Select a device -> Device Settings  at top right -> "Connect to Amazon" -> Setup your account.

What is Coz-Memo and how to use it?

"Coz-Memo" is a virtual sticker function which can be used to setup some reminds to the family.  You can write a memo and setup the remind time.  It can be added or managed in "My Cozyla" app -> select a device -> Memo logo  at top right. 

What are channels?

Channel can be treated as album. It can be set from Google Photo Albums, Local photos or Local videos on the phone, and Instagram account. Channel can be switched by swiping up/down on the screen.

How does the device interact with Instagram?

Log into Instagram account during the setup or click the Instagram account in the device setting. Then you can select the photos in your Instagram account to upload into the Instagram Channel. Find out more here.

How to add a note/caption to photos?

There are 2 ways to add notes from the phone/tablet:
1. After the photo/channel is created, you will be prompt to enter message to the photos (Google Photos can only add on notes on Album).
2. Click the channel in the channel list. Choose the photo you want to add note. Enter the caption as the note of the photo.

How can I turn off the sleep mode? 

The Sleep Mode can be turned off or set here:
"My Cozyla app" -> Click the device button -> Click "Device settings" icon on the top right corner -> Choose "Sleep Mode"
Routine setting defines the routine time of turn on/off the sleep mode.
Auto Sleep mode will turn on/off sleep mode based on light in the room.
If you want to completely turn off the sleep mode function. these 2 settings should be turned off both.

System Related

What are the requirements to pair with the device?

You will need a phone or tablet with the My Cozyla app to connect to the frame via Bluetooth.

Which format does the device support for photos?

The frame supports most Android & iOS image and video formats, including JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg), BMP, PNG, HEIC, MP4 H.264 etc.

How to clear my data from the device or perform factory reset?

To Reset your device, Swipe down from the top of the device screen > Choose "Settings" > "About Device" >at the top right tap "Reset the device".
To remove the device from your My Cozyla app, go to “Device List” > Select the device >  “Device Settings” on the top right > “Remove Device” at the bottom.

Can I restore the uploaded contents and devices settings after I reset the device? 

Once the device is reset, it means all the data related to the device will be reset, including device settings, Google Photos and Instagram accounts, all uploaded photos and videos will be deleted. But the photos on your Google Photos and Instagram will not be impacted.  

Gift Mode Related

What is the Gift mode setup?

Gift mode setup feature allows you to customize the start up screen with a message and preload photos onto the device before you give it to the recipient. The recepient can simply power on the device and enjoy.

How to setup the gift mode?

Before sending it as a gift, you can customize the device startup screen with a message and preload photos and channels.
Check the link below for more information: https://www.cozyla.com/pages/video-guide 

What should I do if I receive it as a gift?

If the device is already set up as a gift, you can just power on the device without any setup.
You can also config the device settings and WLAN with the My Cozyla application with the following steps:
1. 1.Download My Cozyla App & login with a Cozyla account or use the registered account already setup in the device from the sender.
2. Or register an account that can be managed by the sender: On the sender’s Cozyla app, go to “My Cozyla” > Choose Device >"Device Settings” > “Family Sharing”.

How to leave a message or customize the device as a gift?

During the gift mode setup process, you can type the message which will be shown on the screen when the device is powered on.