Cozyla Frame and Canvas Software Release Notes (Version

  • Cozyla Staff
    Cozyla Staff

    The latest update to our software on Cozyla Frame and Canvas, which includes several new features and improvements designed to enhance your experience. You will be automatcially updated to the latest software soon. Below are the key changes in this release:

    • Enhanced Playback Mode in Settings: We have moved the "Playback mode" from the left side of the screen to the 'Settings' menu. This update introduces a variety of new sorting methods, each clearly described for ease of use.

    • Customizable Date Format in Settings: Users now have the flexibility to choose their preferred date format . Options include YYYY-MM-DD, MM-DD-YYYY, and DD-MM-YYYY, allowing for a more personalized experience in line with individual preferences.
    • New 'None' Option for Slideshow display effects: In addition to the various photo transition effects available under "Display effect" -> "Playback effect", you can now choose to disable transition effects entirely, offering a simpler and more static display option.
    • Multiple Bug Fixes and Error Message Improvements: This update addresses several bugs and refines error messages to improve overall user experience and software performance.

    We hope you enjoy these new features and improvements. As always, your feedback is invaluable to us, and we are committed to continuous enhancements based on your suggestions.

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