Resolving 'Loading Photos' Issue on Cozyla Album Series Frames

  • Cozyla Staff
    Cozyla Staff

    Dear Cozyla User,

    We want to inform you of an important update regarding the Cozyla Album series frames, specifically for models running below  the firmware version 1.0.33 . It has come to our attention that these devices may encounter an issue where they get stuck on the 'loading photos' screen after the initial setup. To rectify this, we have scheduled a firmware update for release (WebUI Cozyla_1.0.33_1.0.23122801).

    Instructions for Updating Your Firmware:

    • Navigate to Update: Please swipe down from the top of the device screen and click the "Settings" button -> Click "About Device" -> Click "Update" button of software version to upgrade to the latest firmware.

    • Perform the Update: Please follow the on-screen instructions to update to the latest firmware version. The device is designed to automatically reboot and resume normal function after the update.

    If Your Frame is still Stuck on 'Loading Photos' Screen:

    • In case your frame is currently stuck on this screen, you will need to click "Here" at the bottom of the screen to redo the initial setup process once the firmware has been updated.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused and thank you for your patience and understanding. Our team is dedicated to enhancing your experience with our products, and we encourage you to follow these steps to ensure your frame operates as intended.

    Should you face any challenges during this process or have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out for further assistance.

    Best regards, 

    Cozyla Customer Support Team

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