New feature update: Multi-Selection of Albums Now Available on Cozyla Frame and Canvas - available in the early of May

  • We're excited to share a new feature update that many of you have been waiting for! The Cozyla Frame and Canvas now supports the multi-selection of albums directly on your device, enhancing your ability to personalize and enjoy your photo displays.

    What's New? Previously, displaying photos on your Cozyla Frame and Canvas was limited to selecting either a single album or opting to play all albums in a slideshow. While this provided some level of customization, it required you to go through the extra step of combining albums via the Cozyla app to create a new, mixed album if you wanted a more tailored display.

    The Multi-Selection Feature With the latest update, you can now select multiple albums directly on your device using the album selection buttons. This new feature simplifies the process of curating which photos you want to display, allowing for more dynamic and varied slideshows without needing to merge albums manually.

    How Does It Work?

    • Access the Album Selection: On your Cozyla Frame and Canvas, click the screen and go to the album selection menu.
    • Multi-Select Albums: You can now tap on multiple albums to select them for display. Each selected album will be marked, and you can easily toggle selections on or off.
    • Enjoy Your Slideshow: After selecting the desired albums, simply start your slideshow. The frame will seamlessly display photos from each selected album in rotation, giving you a diverse and engaging viewing experience.

    Why You'll Love It This feature offers you the flexibility to showcase varied themes and memories without cluttering your device with merged albums. Whether you want to display holiday photos, family gatherings, and travel adventures together, or perhaps a combination of your favorite art and nature photography, multi-selection empowers you to do so effortlessly.

    We are thrilled to roll out this update and believe it will significantly enhance your experience with the Cozyla Frame and Canvas. As always, your feedback is crucial to us. Please share your thoughts and how you're using the new multi-selection feature in your home!

    Explore and Enjoy!

    -The Cozyla Team

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