Bring Family Together
Effortless Setup & Sharing For All Ages

From Your Phone To Their Frame

You can add photos/videos from your local photos, email, Google Photos and Instagram to the Cozyla Album.

Unlimited Free Cloud Storage

You can upload precious moments as many as you want in real-time and share them with your loved one without any concern.

Built-in Alexa Voice Service

You can enjoy Alexa service like weather, news, alarm, music, audiobook, podcast, sleep sound etc. as well manage compatible smart home device using your voice.

Invite Family To Share Photos

Family members & friends could be invited as sub-account to create their own album via My Cozyla app for sharing. Cozyla Album users can enjoy different family members or friend’s photos or videos from different channels they created.

What People Say About Us

I purchased this Cozyla photo frame for my mom. It has been the perfect gift and a blessing to my mom! She loves photos of all grandkids and family. All adults were able to create their own login to the frame and can load their family photos directly into the frame. Mom totally loves it!

Mary Williams

Best purchase of the year. We get pictures from family all over the country daily. Brings the family closer together. We had vacation pictures on our phones for years now we can sit back and see them. It is so easy to download pictures from our phones to the album.

Nathan Paul

Frequently Asked Questions

How to display photos onto the device?

You can download My Cozyla App to select the photo sources supported.  The device supports Google Photos, Instagram and local photos.  

How to upload photos onto the device?

There are several ways to upload photos:
1.For Google Photos/Instagram, you can upload photos to the selected album or account. It will automatically update to your device.
2.For Local Photos/Shared Album, you can upload photos via My Cozyla App. You can upload 30 photos/10 videos each time.
3.For e-mail upload, you can send an e-mail with less than 40MB photos as attachment.

What are the commands I can use to interact with Alexa via the Cozyla Album?

You can use below services with Alexa:
1.Alexa Translation
2.Audio Services Supported: Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Deezer, Pandora, Audible, Kindle Books, iHeartRadio,
3.Smart Home control
4.Alexa Routine
5.Alexa Productivity: Calendar, Alarms, Lists, Do not Disturb, Flash Briefing, Reminders, Timers, News
More Alexa Services can be found in below link:

How can I update the software on my device?

There are several ways you can update the device: 
1. Swipe down from the top of the device screen -> Choose "Settings" -> About Device -> Software update.
2. Open "My Cozyla" app on the phone/tablet -> Choose the device from "Device List" page -> Choose "Device Settings"  on the top right -> "About Device" -> Firmware Update.

A Perfect Gift For Family

The Cozyla Album can be easily preconfigured before gifting it to non-tech-savvies. And photos and videos can be simply preloaded to the device via My Cozyla app with greeting messages.