Pics grayed out if already uploaded to a different frame

  • We have two frames, one for each set of grandparents.

    After uploaded a picture using the app to one of the frames, the picture is now grayed out when trying to uploaded it to the second frame, even though it doesn't have the picture.

    Any work-around or plan to fix this?


  • Cozyla Staff
    Cozyla Staff

    Dear Kevin Schleicher,

    Thank you for your message regarding the issue of photos being grayed out after uploading them to one of your Cozyla frames. We understand this situation can be confusing when attempting to share the same photo with multiple frames.

    This behavior is intentional, designed as a visual cue to indicate which photos have been uploaded, aiming to prevent duplicate uploads across your devices. However, we recognize this may not suit all users' needs, especially when sharing with different sets of family or friends.

    Please be assured, the grayed-out photos can still be uploaded to any of your frames; the indication is merely a prompt, not a restriction.

    We are aware of the feedback on this feature and are exploring updates to our user experience to better accommodate such scenarios. While we work on these improvements, we don't have a specific timeline for the release but will update our users as soon as it's available.

    For now, feel free to upload any grayed-out images as needed. If you require further assistance or have additional questions, please contact us.


    The Cozyla Support Team

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