Change Device email

  • Is it possible to change the email associated with a device?

  • Sorry! It is not possible to change the email address associated with a Cozyla device. The email service is specifically designed for Cozyla devices, enabling users to easily upload photos to their devices via email. This unique functionality relies on custom protocols that are not supported by standard email servers, ensuring that the process is optimized for Cozyla devices. Therefore, it's essential to use the dedicated email address assigned to your device for uploading photos or performing similar tasks.
    Please note:  You cannot use as a normal email service.  Please only send images from your own email address to  , (which stands for a specific device you have)

  • Hi George,

    Thank you for your response! I understand that the device email is not a standard email address and was really just wondering if it was possible to change the xxx part of the email to relate it more to a particular frame recipient and to perhaps make it easier for others to remember and use.  Currently the device email seems to be a variation of the email used to sign into the Cozyla app: For instance if is the email used then the first device email created is "" and the second device is perhaps My desire would be to change the device emails to something like and, is that possible?

    Thank you!

  • Hello, Mark,

    Currently, it's not possible to change the email address associated with a device after the device is setup. During the setup process, there should be a step to change the email name before it is assigned to the device.  It is the only chance to change the email address.

    However, I have discussed with our internal team on this feature during the days.  My colleagues acknowledged your feedback and plan to introduce a feature allowing email customization even after setup. This update will take some time due to necessary changes in the data structure. Keep an eye out for updates on this feature from Cozyla. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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