How to Choose Between Skylight VS Nixplay Digital Frame?

How to Choose Between Skylight VS Nixplay Digital Frame? - Cozyla


Do Skylight and Nixplay digital frames require monthly fees?

One of the most common grievances regarding Nixplay and Skylight frames is their recurring monthly charges. Users complain that these fees were not made easily noticeable when they perused the frames’ details. The monthly fees, in some instances, came as a complete surprise. While the user bears some responsibility, there is more to the story.

Both Skylight and Nixplay digital Wi-Fi frames offer optional subscription fees. The Skylight Plus and Nixplay Plus annual/monthly subscriptions are necessary to unlock features such as cloud storage, access to the mobile app/web app, video & audio playback, and much more. A majority of the features offered by Skylight and Nixplay are accessible by a subscription-based paywall.

The primary concern here is that these frames are virtually non-functional without acquiring the subscription - a detail that's not consistently highlighted with utmost clarity. For example,Nixplay's frames restrict the sending of photos to email only, and the number of pictures that can be sent at once is limited (to one frame at a time). Skylight's frames are even further limited without purchasing the Skylight Plus subscription.

Another major concern is the intense competition. Both Nixplay and Skylight fail to offer unique features – despite being one of the few subscription-based digital frames. Competing digital frames like the Cozyla offer a greater number of features that are more comprehensive, without charging any additional fees. For example, with Cozyla, you get free unlimited storage, a mobile app, Alexa voice services, preloaded photos with gift mode, talking Photo (add voiceover to your photos), and Send photos/videos via email/Google Photos/Instagram.

Cozyla offers digital picture frames that are free of any subscription fee, and all of their features are fully unlocked upon purchase.Additionally, the upfront cost is more affordable compared to most of Skylight’s and Nixplay’s digital frames. In the end, many competing frames such as the Cozyla offer significantly improved value for money – particularly when considering the cost of the subscription fee over a couple of years.

We suggest avoiding digital frames that come with monthly fees. Numerous essential features are locked behind the paywall, resulting in a digital frame that is barely more functional than an inexpensive or mid-range option. Sadly, many users are unaware of what they are signing up for. At the very least, they lack knowledge about the extent of the "free" usage they will receive from Nixplay and Skylight frames, which Ieads to subsequent regret.

Can I play videos on Skylight and Nixplay smart digital frames?

To enjoy videos on Skylight and Nixplay smart digital frames, a subscription package needs to pay. Nixplay's frames allow you to play brief 15-second clips without the need for a Nixplay Plus subscription. If you choose to purchase the subscription, you will gain the ability to play 1-minute videos. These frames don’t support Sticky Notes (create and pin notes on the frame via Cozyla app). Note that you are required to pay for the monthly subscription in order to unlock the use of the mobile app for sending videos.

What is the superior alternative to Skylight and Nixplay frames?

The Cozyla digital photo frame is arguably the superior alternative to Skylight’s and Nixplay’s subscription-based digital frames. Cozyla offers most of the same features – often more comprehensively – together with a multitude of unique and versatile features.

The Cozyla digital frame is available with a 10.1'' display, and a larger 17'' display will be released in September this year. Mount Cozyla’s frames on the wall, display art and professional photos, play videos and much more.

Unlike both Skylight and Nixplay digital frames, Cozyla is remarkable in that it doesn't require any recurring subscription fees. Everything is fully unlocked and ready to go upon purchasing a Cozyla frame.

Cozyla is an outstanding choice for the modern home & family.Cozyla's frames are extremely versatile, capable, and easy to use. You don't need to worry about unexpected paywalls popping up. You don't need to worry about yet another subscription depleting your disposable income in silence. Cozyla’s frames get your loved ones involved and share for years!

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