Is the Skylight Digital Photo Frame Worth Every Penny?

Is the Skylight Digital Photo Frame Worth Every Penny? - Cozyla
What is the size of the Skylight digital photo frame?

The Skylight digital photo frame is available in two sizes, with the 10-inch frame being the more popular option. Sporting a 16:9 aspect ratio, a display resolution of 1280×800, and dimensions measuring 12” x 8.5” x 0.9”, this frame is truly a sight to behold. At Skylight's online store, you can find the 10-inch digital photo frame priced at roughly US$160, although the exact amount may vary due to promotions and discounts.

Skylight's larger digital frame boasts a 15-inch display, with a sleek 16:9 aspect ratio and an impressive resolution of 1920×1080. Compared to their 10-inch digital frame, the Skylight 15-inch frame is noticeably thicker, measuring 15.8" x 9.9" x 1.4". At the Skylight online store, the cost of a 15-inch digital photo frame is roughly US$300, though this price may fluctuate based on available promotions and discounts.

The digital photo frame from Cozyla 10.1- inch, with a similar configuration, offers an even more attractive price point of roughly around US$149. Cozyla’s larger 17-inch digital photo frame will be available for sale in October this year, stunning clarity with a 1280x960 resolution,The price is also more competitive.

Is there a monthly charge for the Skylight digital photo frame?

Skylight offers a monthly subscription option called Skylight Plus, which users have the choice to activate. The default configuration of Skylight frames does not include the Plus subscription, but it can be easily enabled. The price for Skylight Plus is around US$39 per year.

Skylight Plus introduces several important features to a Skylight frame. The feature allows for the sharing of brief 1-minute video clips using any Skylight frames. Additionally, users have the option to include text captions with their photos.Skylight Plus offers cloud storage and backups, along with other Plus features such as the ability to view and manage certain photos online via a web interface and access to Skylight's mobile app. Additionally, users can organize their photos into albums.

The primary criticism of Skylight Plus is its lack of unique features.For instance, Cozyla, a competing Wi-Fi digital photo frame, offers almost all of the same features and even more, all without charging any extra fees. You have the ability to play 1-minute video clips, with each frame coming with free-for-life cloud storage, and you have full access to both the Cozyla web interface and mobile app.

Is the Skylight digital photo frame the most amazing frame?

Skylight digital photo frames, along with other popular brands such as Cozyla, Nixplay, Aura and Pix-Star are currently leading the market. Among these popular digital frames, only the subscription-based frames are Skylight and Nixplay. Since Nixplay's frames similar to Skylight, require a subscription, payment is necessary for full access to all of its features. Aura's frames have a higher price point compared to most other 10-inch frames available, while offering a smaller range of features and functionality. However, they do not require a subscription.

Cozyla’s frames are widely regarded as the best on the market for families and modern homes.With the Cozyla App,allowing you to send up to 30 stunning photos at once,and also share up to 10 captivating 1-minute videos at each time,easily share photos from various sources, including social media,Google Photos and email, and more–no matter where you are in the world. Cozyla has unique features like a Gift Mode for pre-loaded photos, greeting messages, Alexa built-in smart home functions, and Voice Assistant Support for Amazon Alexa.

While Skylight frames have certain limitations compared to other top frames, such as their high long-term cost due to being subscription-based, they still offer good digital frame functionality.Without paying for Skylight Plus, access to essential features that make Skylight a top competitor is not available, while some competing frames like Cozyla offer them without extra fees.

How can photos be sent to the Skylight digital photo frame?

Skylight digital photo frames enable users to send photos to any Skylight frame through email without any charge.To access Skylight's additional photo-sharing methods, such as the Skylight mobile app, a recurring subscription fee for Skylight Plus is required.

It should be highlighted that, in contrast to numerous rival frames,The sharing method for Skylight seems a bit simplistic.While Cozyla frames You are able to send photos and video using the supported mobile app, sync photo albums from social media, also email photos,and much more.

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