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Welcome to Cozyla!

Cozyla is a group of people who want to deliver friendly product with innovative ideas and great user experience. Smart life should be peace of mind instead of panic. Technology sometimes is a like Godzilla. It scares us instead of enjoying it. We hope each of our customer can enjoy the smart cozy life without any technology panic. Our team will do our best to offer you something you can enjoy and play with.

Yao Li:  Founder of Cozyla. Former Vice-President of Lenovo. With over 20 years IT & IOT industry experiences, he led several Lenovo business with rapid growth, including Lenovo Smart & Connected Devices BU, Tablet BU, Print business.. Etc. He also led the first Lenovo Smart Clock, first Google Smart Display which won Red dot, iF and over 50 CES awards.

Our website attaches great importance to customer service, and customers' opinions are important information to promote us to develop, improve and enhance ourselves. If you encounter any difficulties during your consumption, please check out other terms of our website or feel free to contact our staff. Contact information can be found in Contact us.

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