Aura or Nixplay Digital Frame: Which One Suits You Best?

Aura or Nixplay Digital Frame: Which One Suits You Best? - Cozyla

Our Aura vs Nixplay digital frame comparison aims to help you find the ideal digital frame for your home and family. We will highlight the standout features of each frame and provide insights into their functionality,and what’s worth paying attention to.

By the end of our discussion, you will have a clear understanding of which digital frame is most suitable for your needs. We will evaluate them based on the key features that are crucial in a modern digital frame.

Before moving forward, it is important to consider a couple of points. They're not media hubs, so they're not meant to replace your TV, smartphone, or laptop. They're designed to replace the need for dozens of printed and framed pictures.

Now, let’s take a look at the features and functions of Aura and Nixplay frames in the section below.

Price and value for money

Price is a crucial factor when purchasing a digital frame. In a highly competitive market, numerous high-end digital frames are available at similar price points,Even a small difference of a few dollars can be decisive.

That being said, the Aura frame range is arguably one of the highest-priced frames in their respective size category on the market. The Aura Smith is their priciest digital frame it sells at around US$400 – that is more than most larger frames. For reference, The Cozyla's 10.1'' frame is priced at around US$139.99, while its 17-inch frame is available for about US$399.99. Similar to Cozyla frames, the Aura digital photo frame does not require any monthly or annual subscriptions or charge any hidden fees.

When considering the greater number of features and functionality that Cozyla's frames offer, it becomes difficult to justify the high price of Aura. This is especially true if you are looking to purchase a couple of digital frames for the entire family. Cozyla's value for money is one of its main selling points.

On the other hand,Nixpaly offers a price range of around $139.99 to $299.99. It should be noted that Nixpaly's photo frames are available in sizes from 8'' to 10'', with no large-size options provided. There is an optional subscription fee for the Nixplay digital frame, known as "Nixplay Plus". Payment for Nixplay Plus can be made monthly, quarterly, or annually, with the annual payment plan being the most cost-effective option. Nixplay Plus offers additional benefits such as access to the Nixplay mobile app, an increased cloud storage of up to 50GB (compared to the usual 10GB), unlimited shared playlists, site-wide discounts of up to 25%, the ability to control groups of up to 10 Nixplay digital photo frames, and support for 60-second video.

Now, this is where Nixplay’s issues begin. Digital photo frames like the Cozyla offer almost all of these features, with many additional and more comprehensive features, without any extra charges. For example, Cozyla's digital picture frames offer lifetime for free cloud storage, support for 60-second videos, unlimited frames with single account management, full access to the Cozyla mobile app, connect to social media, and even more.

Slideshows and customizable settings

When it comes to slideshow settings and customizations, Cozyla is one of the best. Slideshows are simple to set up and offer versatility compared to other options available in the market. Users have precise control over the display location, timing, and frequency of photos. Adjustments to the play order and frequency can be made within the slideshow interface.

Cozyla’s frames are ideal for elderly users as you can start slideshows remotely via the app. You can even include 60-second videos in slideshows, and record a 5-minute introduction to a selected photo create a video from app.

By comparison, Aura and Nixplay digital frames offer limited versatility. Aura's frames have a limited time of 30 seconds in slideshows and lack audio recording capability. It is unexpected that Aura's frames, which are pricey, do not support these basic features.

The Nixplay digital frame only allows for 15-second vide with the "free" version. If you want to access longer video , you will need to subscribe to "Nixplay Plus." However, even with the subscription, you will still be limited to playing 60-second video clips.

App and social media

Cozyla’s mobile app allows you send up to 30 photos to any of your Cozyla frames at the same time and unlimited cloud storage. You can connect Google Photos and Instagram Photos for photo uploading without requiring a subscription. It is an excellent method to efficiently share your photos no matter of you where in the world.

While the Aura and Nixpaly mobile app isn’t bad,they may have its limitations.You are unable to send photos in large quantities and there is no method to send audio messages.

Aura frames are not capable of directly importing photos from social media or other external platforms. The user would need to manually download these photos to their phone and then send them to the Aura frame using the mobile app. This is far less ideal than what Cozyla offers at a much lower price point.

Nixplay offers various channels for photo uploads. However, by subscribing to Nixplay Plus, you can create unlimited dynamic playlists with up to 1,000 photos per playlist. It is still possible to create playlists without a subscription, but you will be limited to a single playlist with a maximum of 100 photos.

Our Final Verdict,While Aura and Nixplay frames are not bad. Cozyla's frames offer better value for money and a more extensive feature set, making them the preferred choice for users and families,effortlessly connecting you with the people you care about most.

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