Aura & Skylight Frames – Top Tips You Don't Want to Miss in 2023!

Aura & Skylight Frames – Top Tips You Don't Want to Miss in 2023! - Cozyla
Our Aura vs Skylight digital frame guide aims to provide you with impartial and accurate information regarding the performance of these frames in real-world scenarios. When it comes to covering everything, we delve into their work, the features set they offer, and their value for money.

We compare the key features of Aura and Skylight digital frames from an impartial standpoint.We are aware that digital frames for the modern home and family have specific needs, which is why our focus is on relevant features. Almost all digital frames cater to individuals to some extent. Our focus is on how they accommodate modern families without excluding older users, such as grandparents. Frames that provide interconnectedness, cloud storage, and smart features usually offer superior value for money.

With all this in mind, let us now delve into the guide!

How much is the cost of Aura and Skylight digital photo frames?

The price of the Aura digital photo frame may vary depending on availability, time, and location of purchase. Additionally, Aura offers various models of digital frames, including a "Luxe" version.

Aura's lowest-priced digital photo frame, the Aura Carver Luxe 10'',is available on Amazon for around US$179 (excluding shipping). This particular digital frame is considered the most cost-effective option from Aura.The price range for the Aura Mason and Mason Luxe starts at about US$200 to US$249. There are a few different finishes and colors to choose from.Finally, Aura Smith is one of the most expensive on the market in terms of upfront can expect to cost of around US$399.

Skylight has a lower price and a relatively small variety. The product is available in only two sizes black with White Mat frame. The 10'' size is priced at $159.99, while the 15'' size is priced at $299.99.

Compared to these two photo frames, you will find that cozyla offers a competitive price.Cozyla digital frame provides a wider range of features, making it more attractive, with prices ranging around US$139.99 --US$ 399.99. Additionally, It is available in various attractive 10.1-inch options, and come September, the product line will expand with more options, including an impressive 17-inch size.

Do Aura and Skylight digital frames require monthly fees?

The Aura digital photo frame does not require any monthly or annual subscription or charge any hidden fees, Much like Cozyla's frames.Aura's cloud storage remains completely free, without any additional charges for unlocking or expanding storage, granting online access, or accessing the mobile/web app. Aura’s cloud storage is free – in line with Cozyla’s free-for-life cloud storage.

Skylight digital frames offer the option to subscribe for added benefits. The Skylight Plus subscription is required to access features such as cloud storage, mobile app/web app, video & audio playback, and more. The majority of Skylight's features are only available with this subscription. The main issue here is that these frames rely heavily on purchasing the subscription, which is not always clearly stated.

We suggest digital frames like the Cozyla due to their competitive upfront cost and lack of recurring fees. Additionally, they offer a robust and versatile feature set, making them a top choice in the market.

Do Aura and Skylight frames play video and audio recording?

Aura’s frames can only be offered for a limited 30 seconds in slideshows,without any capability for audio recording. It is surprising that Aura's expensive frames do not come with these features support.

To play videos on Skylight digital frames, you need to pay for the subscription package. If you choose the subscription,you’ll be able to play 1-minute video, and the ability to play audio recordings along with videos. Please note that a monthly subscription payment is required to unlock the mobile app's video sending feature.

On the other hand,Cozyla's digital frames offer video and audio recording. Using the Cozyla mobile app, you can record a 5-minute introduction to a selected photo create a video. Cozyla's frames let you play 1-minute video into their slideshows and have the option to mute them by default.

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