17" WiFi HD Touch Screen Large Digital Frame

Black With White Mat
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Effortless Setup & Sharing For All Ages

STEP 01.



STEP 02.

Connect Frame

to WiFi

STEP 03.

Invite Family

Main Features

Why Cozyla?

Photo Mail

You and loved ones can email photos directly or upload through the free Cozyla App/Google Photos/Instagram to the Cozyla frame from anywhere, anytime.

Free & Secure Unlimited Storage

Powered by Amazon Web Service. You and your family can share precious moments as many as you want in real-time without any storage and privacy concern.

Batch Photos Upload

You can sync your photo albums with Google Photos on Cozyla frames. Batch upload 10000+ photos & videos with just ONE CLICK.

Remote Gift Mode

Remotely prepare the frame as a gift, while it is being shipped directly to the recipient. You can pre-set the recipient's WiFi network and preload greeting messages along with featured photos without unboxing! All Cozyla frames come in a beautiful gift-ready box without any pricing information.

Talking Photo

Photos with a voiceover are more engaging. You can upload photos to Cozyla frames along with the voice recording, so that you can get your pictures seen and heard.

Sticky Notes

Create a trackable text/voice note via My Cozyla app and pin it to the frame. You and invited members can send important information, reminders, and to-do lists directly from phone to the frame.

Alexa Voice Control

You can enjoy built-in Alexa services like weather, news, reminders, alarms, music etc., as well manage compatible smart home device using your voice.

Which Cozyla frame has your name on it?

Share photos the way you want, from anywhere!

Choose How You Share

Use the My Cozyla app

for iOS or Android

Send to the frame's

unique email address

Sync with your Google Photos and Instagram

What are people saying

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can add photos to the frame and invite family members to join before it's sent out. Preload a greeting message along with a featured photo for a special gift they won't forget. All Cozyla frames come in a beautiful gift-ready box without any pricing information. 

Yes! Use your My Cozyla app and upload up to 60 second videos just as you would upload photos to your frame. Any video that plays on your smartphone can be added with the My Cozyla app. Auto-played videos will always be silent to avoid annoying background noise in your home.

You can add an unlimited number of photos and videos to the frame. The My Cozyla app syncs with your photo library and the frame communicates with our secure cloud server powered by Amazon to retrieve photos and videos to display on the frame. No subscription fees, no storage limits.

The great thing about Cozyla is that you can easily add photos using the My Cozyla app, even if you're miles away. Once the frame is online (you will need a smartphone with the Cozyla app to connect the frame to WiFi), you can continue adding photos from anywhere in the world - no need to be on the same WiFi network or near the frame.


Life is about the memories.Don’t wait any longer.

Alexa Built-in 10.1" WiFi HDTouch Screen Digital Frame
$139.99 $179.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
Outstanding Customer Support!

Reily with customer service was amazing. I had a few issues and when I notified customer service she would respond in minutes to a few hours. She always had a new solution unfortunately I needed a new frame. She directed me to a link-quick and easy. My old frame was under warranty and that was an easy step by step to get reimbursed. I have not had customer service like this is years!!! I am overall thrilled with this digital frame and my grandkids love watching the photos too. I have already recommended this frame to friends.

Amazing! Best Digital Frame...We've Bought 4 So Far...

All of this review applies to the 17" Cozyla digital frame. We originally purchased the 10.1" and found it unimpressive. The 17" inch is phenomenal, though.Very functional, easy to set up, easy to use or even have non-tech grandparents use. Beautiful display.We bought this for:1) Grown son who moved across the country, and we weren't hearing from him often enough. After he received the frame which we had loaded with 24,000+ awesome photos, we were top of the mind and are still getting frequent phone calls from him. Really great for helping us stay connected.2) For our own family to help our kids form identity (preteens and teens) with perspective of so much of the good they've had in life. Teens tend to have a narrow focus and can get stuck in "Woe is Me" and feel isolated. We and our kids adore watching this frame and will just stand in front of it, watching the slideshow. The siblings' closeness to each other increased from recalling happy memories they've shared.3) For *not* tech-savvy grandparents in their 70's who have wifi access but prefer not to have devices running on it. We at first got the Nix 8" Digital Frame, but we were so unimpressed. Upgraded and spent the extra money for this one because the viewing experience is so superior, it's easier to see from across the room. It also connects via the internet to online albums such as Google Photos and other photo share apps. That feature is really neat and works well. Our grandparents/parents really liked the frame.4) Recently bought another one for our grown daughter who moved out, to help her feel connected to her family. Each frame gets registered when you plug it in with it's own email address and account. You can sync all the albums you have for various frames in one account and control all of the frames from the one account - changing which album plays, speed of slideshow, etc. If you want it to really play ALL the photos stored in the cloud, make sure you select "Play all" on the frame. You can also play in order or on shuffle. We'll be buying more for other family members. Highly recommend!

Kathy E

I have purchased 4 of these so far! They are easy to "load"; pictures can be emailed from anywhere. My family and close friends have all enjoyed their cozylas! My grandsons are always mesmerized trying to name everyone in the rotating pictures! I highly recommend❤️

Grandparents love it. That seals it.

Seems that, for $299 in 2023, one could get a much much better picture quality. It's actually more like what you would expect from the digital frames when they first came on the market 10-15 years ago. Also, set-up took more than 5 minutes even when those of us working on it were computer savvy, but we eventually got there and pretty easy to navigate once we went through the settings a few times. Set it up Christmas day so photos were taking 10-15 min. to arrive so we were thinking that we were doing something wrong and kept sending more photos. However, as the night progressed (we're in Alaska so one of the last to go to bed in the US anyway), the time frame got better and better to where we were waiting only a couple of minutes. Would have been helpful if the instructions mentioned that high demand periods may cause photo delivery delays.As for positives, the grandparents love them (we gave one to each set) so that seals the deal (they're not fussy about picture quality when Johnny appears blowing out his birthday candles or going down a water slide). I also LOVE the fact that anyone can email a photo from wherever; I no longer need to add "email relatives for photos" and "upload photos to frame" to my to-do list. Big points to the fact that the grandparents also need not mess with any buttons to see a new photo (i.e. no daily phone calls of "now what do I push to get the photos to come in?" (oh, to get their phones to be as seamless, alas). They just walk in a room which activates the frame, which activates the email server which displays the latest photos. Voilà. Win-Win. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

Recommended buy. Easy to copy pictures. Good display size. Auto on/off with sleep mode.

Great investment, Yes I am calling it an investment and not an expense because we are now actually seeing all the photos that we have collected over the last 15 years. In this digital world we all take a lot of pictures and they are on some PC or DVD that we hardly see once in a couple of months or years. This frame is now actually bringing back those memories on a daily basis. I was hesitant to buy this frame due to its cost, but now that I have used it for around a month, I am convinced its money well spent.Send pictures to Frame - Convenience : The process to transfer pictures in my view is important, I don't want to have to put them on a Zip or USB drive and copy them. All I need to do is to use the Cozyla app on the phone or email pictures to a particular email address and they are automatically added to my frame's albums for display. Big convenience factor as i can now email pictures from any PC, Cellphone, tablet to my frame and they start being displayed just by doing that. Display size : I had purchased a 10.1 inch frame before this 17 inch frame. I returned the 10.1 inch as the display size was not at all good. This 17 inch is the ideal size to be able to view pictures properly from a distance. This frame allows you to see the pictures clearly from anywhere in the room or from a 15-20 foot distance.Other features: The frame automatically adjust the brightness to the surroundings and goes off at night via sleep mode which is excellent. Setup is not hard. Should take you around 5-10 minutes of reading the instructions to configure it to behave as per your personal preferences.