Does the Echo Show Digital Picture Frame live up to the hype?

Does the Echo Show Digital Picture Frame live up to the hype? - Cozyla


How does the Echo Show digital picture frame feature?

Amazon's latest 15-inch Echo Show digital picture frame combines elements of a digital frame and a smart hub for your home. These devices are not specifically built as dedicated digital picture frames, lack numerous features and customization options. They are quite simple and, in many cases, provide fewer slideshow features compared to cheap digital frames.

There is extremely limited control over slideshows and photo management. The only method for adding photos to the frame is by syncing them from Facebook or Amazon Photos. Videos cannot be included in slideshows, and you cannot control over the playback order or display frequency.

If you're interested in a digital picture frame, we recommend getting a dedicated digital frame such as the Cozyla. If you're seeking a media hub, it's best to stick with your Fire Tablet or Smart TV. At this time, Echo Show's digital picture frames don't really have a clear place in the market.

There are a lot of challenges that exist, such as overly complicated setups and wall-mounting processes, a ton of system and feature bugs, and unsatisfactory real-world performance. While it's possible that these issues may be resolved in the future, we would still advise selecting a digital picture frame with a well-established reputation and practical features.

Is the Echo Show digital picture frame to display videos?

Echo Show digital picture frames can indeed play videos and stream content from services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. This places them in direct competition with your Smart TV, laptop, or tablet, but they may not efficiently provide the necessary features. In reality, many of the platforms that Amazon's Echo Show claims to support do not work as expected, with only a few streaming sites functioning as intended.

When it comes to sending videos to the Amazon Echo Show 15-inch digital frames, it's not possible. The only way for uploading photos is by syncing them from either Facebook or Amazon Photos. Sending videos remotely is not supported.

Cozyla digital picture frame lets you upload videos to the frame using the mobile app from anywhere in the world. While video clips are restricted to 60 seconds (more than most other digital frames), this duration is perfectly suitable for sending concise video updates while on the move. Another option you can play videos on the frame, including within slideshows, directly from Google Photos.

How can photos be sent to the Echo Show digital picture frame?

The only way to upload photos to the new 15-inch Echo Show digital picture frame by Amazon is through Facebook or Amazon Photos. These are the only two platforms that work with the frames, and it doesn't appear that there are any plans to add support for other popular platforms like Google Photos, Instagram, etc.

Given the high cost of Echo Show digital frames, one would anticipate more user-friendly methods to send photos to the frame. You need to connect to your desired albums and import photos manually. Unfortunately, there is no way to configure the albums to automatically update with any new photos that you add in the future.

To make a comparison, the Cozyla digital frame also comes with Alexa voice assistant, and more affordable than Amazon's Echo Show Frame. Despite its lower cost, you have numerous ways to send photos, videos, and add voice to your photos from anywhere in the world. You can use the Cozyla Snap mobile app to send up to 30 photos to unlimited frames at the same time. You can link entire albums from online storage platforms ( Instagram, Google Photos)

But that's not all, with Cozyla digital frames there is no limit to the number of frames you can manage from a single account. You can also link the same albums to different frames. Any changes you make to the albums will automatically update on all the linked frames. No more repetitive tasks – it's seamless and efficient. Let your loved ones won't miss any unforgettable moments!

Our concluding, Amazon’s 15-inch Echo Show digital picture frame is quite restricted when it comes to slideshow controls, settings, and customizations. There are a few reasons behind this lack of flexibility. The main point is that Echo Show devices are not created to be direct competitors to digital frames. Instead, their primary role is to function as a smart hub for your home, although they may not excel in this capacity either. Their main features include Alexa integration and the ability to stream content, watch movies, listen to music, and more.

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