AI Enhancement Token

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We’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking new feature - AI Image Enhancement. This innovative function is designed to enhance low-quality or blurred images directly on your Cozyla Frames. More AI functions are coming soon!

This new feature uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to automatically improve the quality of your photos. With just a simple click on the new icon on your Cozyla Frames screen, your displayed photo is instantly optimized. This feature is perfect for various scenarios:

Reviving Old Memories: Have you ever revisited an old family album only to find the photos faded or blurry? With AI Image Enhancement, you can restore these cherished memories to their former glory.

Capturing Motion: Photos of your kids running in the park often turn out blurry, especially around their faces. Our AI technology sharpens these images, capturing the joy and energy of the moment without the blur.

From Videos to Photos: Snapping photos while recording video typically results in lower-quality images. Whether it's a birthday party or a school play, you can now obtain clearer snapshots from your video recordings.

Low Light Challenges: Dim lighting can rob photos of detail and clarity. Whether it's an intimate dinner or a nighttime event, AI Image Enhancement illuminates and clarifies these moments

Units: 100 Tokens

Only on Cozyla Frames

Why AI Enhancement?

This feature isn't just about improving images—it's about preserving the moments that matter most to you. From enhancing the photos of your grandparents to capturing the fleeting moments of childhood, every enhanced photo brings you back to those precious times with vivid clarity and detail.

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